Panama Papers Demonstrate Capitalist Coordination


What the Panama papers demonstrate, that much media commentary fails to highlight,  is that despite antagonisms between them, capitalists have been colluding together in order to maintain wealth gained from an inherently exploitative system.

None of us are surprised that elites are hiding their wealth. Society have been well aware of this for decades and a variety of well publicised news stories have continually shone a spotlight on the issue. Academics such as Charles Wright Mills have been drawing attention to these issues since the 1950s, and it was the journalist muckrakers of the 1920s that also pointed out how so-called elites have often exploited positions of power within our societies – at the majority’s expense.

The real story here is how these men and women who stand at the helm of our societies have been working together to hide wealth garnered from their own, and indeed, foreign populations – even some statesmen who appear to be adversaries are using the same companies in order to hide their millions/billions.

The Russian propaganda ministry went into overdrive after the revelations, stating that the releases were a CIA ploy to damage Putin’s reputation at home. Many people believed that this story had some credibility. However, if we are to consider this scenario then several questions must first be answered. If the intelligence services leaked the information to damage Putin, would they not also be more cautious about avoiding damage to UK Prime Minister David Cameron by having withheld information about his own father’s alleged off-shore dealings? Wouldn’t they have avoided defaming members of the Icelandic government if it was a CIA job?

It is the opinion at FBIsMostUnwanted that whoever leaked this information wanted to do more than show how elites hide their wealth. We are being shown a capitalist control grid in full operation – only no one will see it for what it has become.

We all know that new means of hiding money will be found if these current avenues are shut down, or that privacy laws to protect ‘elites’ will be passed so that their personal wealth will never have to be exposed again without some poor journalist going to jail. No doubt some unplanned event will allow these laws to be passed, perhaps an assassination, or another terrorism related incident. Any change should be viewed with suspicion.

In the meantime we must wait for more of this data to be released – Are more Americans also implicated in these papers?